Get Reporting Parameter Value

Hi Everyone,

I have Families in my Project which also have Instance Reporting Parameters.
I want to get the Values of this Parameters into Dynamo but find no way.
I just get all the other parameters but not the Reporting Parameters!

Any help would be appreciated

Also with other Nodes I dont come to the Reporting Parameters

Hi Josef

Have a look in the Orchid package, there are heaps of nodes specifically for working with Families.

Hi @josef.radi


Hi @Kulkul

For me its different. I dont place the Families before. I wanna Place the Families with this Skript. Therefore the Reporting Parameter should help me cause there I have Length and Width.
I wanna get the Reporting Parameter out of the Family Type.

But it seems like it just works if you place the family…

@Jonathan.Olesen Thanks I also looked at this one. But didnt find something.

@josef.radi (and @Jonathan.Olesen)
it is in my roadmap to make a node that verify it it is a reporting parameters. I will speed up these nodes asap.

I have now made an update to my package, adding the node FamilyDocument.IsReportingParameter.
It will give you a list of boolean you can use to filter the output parameter values.

130.1.01 or 200.1.01

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Thanks for your Ideas,

I did it now like this:

I placed one Instance and from this Instance I could get the Reporting Parameter Information. And after running the Skript I delete the Instances again by element.delete with a Passthrough - so it has to wait till the whole skript runs.


Thanks :wink: