Get projected contour lines of a 3d mesh

How to project onto a plane a geometry mesh or surfaces that are not solid, but get the contour lines of the whole mesh?

Back in my CAD days I would have just used Microstation and exported to 2D via a plan view - even with 1000s of curves it takes a few seconds. Why not do the same thing, as trying to do this in Dynamo will take days, and will most certainly fail…assuming of course, it doesn’t crash while trying to project the curves. Ultimately, trying to achieve this with Dynamo is an improper use of tools TBH.

I am trying in Dynamo to project surfaces on other horizontal surface and join the result.

If I do flatshot command in AutoCad I get all the triangular faces projected as well, as this is not a solid, do you get countour lines exporting a 2d view from Microstation?

If its a mesh, yes the facets are projected. It would take 10 - 20 mins to clean up manually, even with a model the size of the one shown in your image. To join the contours, there is a join connected curve tool. The whole process will be considerably faster and more reliable then attempting this in Dynamo or any other procedural modelling tool.

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This is probably the simplest way:

tho as already mentioned, not very efficient.

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my questions are coming because the springs node to convert to polysurface does not work for that big mesh, I get warning of polycurves may be BRANCHING or it closes Revit directly while processing the script. Also in my package of spring I do not see the input NUMTHREADS, does it work faster if you put all processors to work?

Have a look at the topologic package and non-manifold edges.