Get Project Information

I’m trying to use Clockwork to get project information. It doesn’t seem to be working. Any other options?

Do you have an error image?

I can’t find any documentation on it’s use so I am not sure I’m even using it correctly. It seems like it should pull project information but when run it just returns the same information in the widget, nothing from the actual project.

What are you trying to get exactly?

Project Information

This is very timely as I’m working on something similar.

I’m very new to programming and I’d put together an almost identical script but I’d used a String instead of a code block - this would seem to be wrong but I don’t really understand when I should use a code block and when to use a String… can anyone clarify for me?

using codeblocks or strings is basically the same when you go for strings. but if you go with codeblocks they are more powerful, easier to adopt…best examine this forum and you will see

Thanks for the responses. Daniel, your method would work but I was trying to use the lunchbox offering that should pull all project information. I’ll try your method and look for an update to lunchbox.