Get parameter of continuous beam and write to excel

I want to get parameter of the continuous beam in Revit by Dynamo as the picture below

and write to excel as this format

I got all the necessary parameters but I don’t know how to arrange the data logically and write to excel.

Anyone can help me! Thanks


you may try this.

WriteToExcel.dyn (9.7 KB)
STR_Frm.xlsx (9.2 KB)

you can of course reformat the excel file to suit your needs, just make sure you adjust the “startRow” and “startCol” values accordingly.

Hope this helps!


Thank Renjoj,

It is working now, but new problem is that the data in excel does not arrange from right to left if I create the beam and column does not arrange in other from right to left.
How to solve this problem?
Dynamo file:
Revit file:

if you’re my approach you’ll find that the data will arrange from right to left. All you have to do is add the other paramter values (with the headers) to the List.Create node in the order you want to appear in excel.

give at go! :slight_smile:

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Also, have a look at the Dynamo Primer if you haven’t already done so.
get parameter of continuous beam.dyn (47.2 KB)

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Maybe you have a little misunderstanding about my problem.
Beam span in my excel file is: 3923 - 3000-6000-5000. Because I build up the beam between gridlines 2-3 first.
But i want it arrange respectively is: 5000-3923-3000-6000. And I want to do also for column and gridlines like that.
Please help me to arrange the data in excel respectively left to right that dont care any elements model first or after

You need to use List.SortByKey.
You can sort Grids by their name and for the beams and column you can use locations…


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I believe you now have the answer for your question but for future reference please use the reply function so that myself or others can get a notification to your posts.

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Thanks for your all support.

Finally, I want to select all element and write data to excel as following:

and for case 1: If the beam is one beam from grid 1 to 5.
case 2: If the beam is separately and difference of height.