Get Parameter from ExternalDefinition

its possible?

for example like this : ExternalDefinition**.OwnerParameter**

Hi @til.shviger

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Really ??? Its possible ?


type of Wall Area and SurfaceArea - its String or Parameter ?

because of im exactly try to get ParameterElement:

operation marked as red arrow - its possible

reverse operation marked as blue arrow - its may be impossible …


Like this:

i have only ExternalDefinition element
i try get ParameterElement from ExternalDefinition because of i want to get

BiltInParameter and StorageType

its items is not exist for ExternalDefinition…
but for ParameterElement they are exist…

Unfortunately it is not possible :frowning:

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thank you Kulkul .
I know about it now


Once more question

If i have

can i get


I mean exactly is there a connection between them ?

a small example I found here:

but its not the full list of ParameterType

i think solved

but looks like its not a full list too (

The answer to the latter is apparently YES as each Parameter has both a StorageType and a ParameterType. As far as the first question is concerned, the enumeration value itself is pretty explanatory, e.g. Length representing some linear measure, YesNo meaning a Boolean value, Material indicating a material reference, etc. In addition, obviously each StorageType value can map to multiple ParameterType values, but it is not obvious in the API or the Revit itself which StorageType value maps exactly to what ParameterType values.