Get last element of each sublist into a list

Hi everyone,

After spliting my circular rebars set by 12.00m with an overlaping of 1.00m using “Split curve with overlap” node I obtain in each curve row a list containing two sublists (First row curve, Second row curve) as shown below

In each row the last element curve into “Second row curve” is not overlaped with the first element in “First row curve”, so I want to take each last element in the sublist “second row curve” to extend it of 1.00m and overlap it with the first elemnt…which node should I use?


@REDO10 not sure if this is what you are looking for:

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Curve.ExtendEnd and/or Curve.ExtendStart

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if it can help
edit: I corrected a small typo

here is script just in case:
16 octobre forum anglais .dyn (55.6 KB)


Hi @christian.stan

Thanks for your script…it’s really usefull for me!!

Just one thing : I dont understood the syntax of this formula

Can you give me a link or another example to understand how to use this formula?


hello, this is the syntax of if
[test] ? [action to do if true]: [action(s) to do if false];

3>5?“it is true”:“it is false”;

money<0?“in debt”: money>10000?“a bit wealthy, but it depends on your point of view”:“often taxed ;-)”;