Get Intersection Area of Wall and Opening

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It is my goal to get the intersection area of an opening and the cutout wall.

I have the size of my object and want to see if it is placed properly “inside” the wall which would mean that the intersection-area is the same as the intersection object.

Currently, I only have the possibility to check this before doing the cutout. In this case, I take the Element.Geometry of both objects and take the Geometry.Intersect. This way I get the area of the cutout. This is performance consuming and does not work anymore when the opening is cut out from the wall, because the Wall has a whole now and does not interesect anymore.

Is there any way I can get the intersection area of an object after cutting the opening out of an object?
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This is the shape i would like to get the area of:

I still did not find a solution. Does anyone know a solution to get the Element.Geometry without the Cutouts?

I would take the WallLocationLine, Height and Thickness of the wall to create the Element Geometry, but is there a Way to get this Geometry?

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