Get Indices (n indices, not a data on those Indices) Values On List

I need to group a point which is still related in a continuous curve, in this case, that curve is the perimeter on model text. I need to separate the inner and outer perimeter, the way I do to identify it by which curve still continues and which not (using end & start point each curve). If the endpoint of n-1 curve is not same as start point of n curve then I need to split.

The problem is how can I get the indices number (not a values that contain in those indices) that have a “false” values on those indices? which nodes that must be used?

I guess the solution for grouping continuous lines already exists both in dynamo or packages and It’s glad to hear those nodes or packages and/or maybe someone had a solution that more efficient than me I glad to hear it too. But “get the indices number in certain condition” is going to become likes " commodities " issues to me in another case.

So I hope anyone can tell me the solution for this case (grouping a continuous curve) and/or can how to “get the Indices number in a list if it meets up a certain condition”.

Thanks a lot for the everyone who make these forums alive, especially JacobSmall.

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Did you try “AllIndicesOf”, with True as Item Input. This is basicaly an IndexOf node which checks all the items instead of only the first one!

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Thank you @Daaan

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