Get Document Type After Selecting Document via Data Shapes Multi UI++

Bit of a weird one but here goes.
Is there any way to get the document type AFTER selecting the document(model) via a Multi UI++ form? essentially what I want to do is select the correct model from a directory that has several models in it to export to IFC. once selected i need to open the correct model, get the views, set the IFC name to be as per the 3D IFC view then export to IFC.
the issue is I cannot think how to work backwards to get the document as required by the Genius Loci node. i understand there is a IFC export that i can install but this is to be pushed out to several people and our IT staff do not respond quickly to non pertinent issues/installs.
I have a screen shot below with info redacted so you can get the idea. The red is to try guide what really needs to happen.

You can have more than one datashapes pop up.

So the first one can be your selection of the model an the second one can do all the other stuff.

You need to provide the UI node the correct key,value pairs. The key is the string that the user reads when making a selection and the value is the actual object that gets returned on selection. Right now you’re providing the document name for both. If you provide the actual document object as the value then the node will return the document of the name you selected.

That being said, opening all the documents in your directory just to get the file name is a bad idea. You can get the file name directly from the file or path. Then you can provide the file name as the key and the file path as the value. That way your selection returns only the file path of the model you want to open. That way you only have to open the selected model and not all of them.

Thanks Nick, that has fixed the issue. Is there a way to get the script to run a second time? it will run once but then not again unless i change the toggle to false then back on or close-reopen the script. I believe it has to do with the selections within the node not changing but should it not ask which model to select every time?
Also I would love to be able to select file path and output location via multinput form++ but struggling to find relevant info to add these. currently i am specifying in dynamo.
any help is much appreciated
EDIT:I have resolved the file path issue. :slight_smile:

Toggling a boolean is your best option when working in the graph. This is actually a method Dynamo used to save on memory: it only re-executes nodes that have modified inputs. If you were to run this in Dynamo Player it would prompt you every time.

Thanks again, i am now having an issue where the NWC exporter is not recognizing a reference object so will not export the file. I am unsure if it is the view or the model that is not referencing but cannot think why neither would not work. do you have any ideas on what i am doing wrong?
I understand this started as an IFC thread but the principal is the same and i intend to change the exporter to IFC when it is sorted.

Hi @stacey.hennigL6B3T do you have the naviswork exporter installed

Navisworks 3D Viewer | Download Free Navisworks Freedom | Autodesk

Hi, Yes i have the NWC exporter installed. It was running prior to me adding data shapes and to me it doesn’t make sense as to what has happened to cause the non referencing.