Get closest curve


Blue color is the curves I got from all the curtain wall, the black color is the curve I got from room’s boundary
My question is, how can I filter out those curves I circled in red?


If both the curves intersect or overlapped then you can find the overlapping part from this node.
if it is not (as i can see the gap between two line) then try to find the room boundary from center of the wall , not from inner side of the wall,

Geometry.DistanceTo to get the distance from each room boundaries to the others.
Less Than to get a boolean for each curve to the adjacent curves when the distance is over your given control value.
List.FilterByBoolMask to filter our curves which are too far from the room boundary.

Watch your list lacing and levels, and curtain walls which start at level 1 and go to level 30 may require that you first pull stuff to the relevant level.

Alternatively you could use a Room.Boundaries node to find the wall elements directly.

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