Get Area elements from Linked RVT

Trying to use Bakery and SteamNodes to get Area elements from linked docs.

Block A does not have Areas and so it reports an Empty List
Block B does have an Area but it is reporting a “null”.

Anything I might be doing wrong?
Thank you


If you have just one link:

if you have more select it like this

Change the number in the code block to the doc you want to have, make sure both are the same

Does it work for you if you use the Areas category?

did you notice i use Link Instance Id?

hmmm…very subtle. :slight_smile:

I did not!

Strangely enough it is now working for both Instance or Instance ID.
Not sure why.
But…many thanks @Marcel_Rijsmus

i think it is like that because you have only one link to the documents, you can have more.
Think of a holiday resort with one design of a cabin placed many times on different shared coordinates

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