Get angles windows

I haven’t made anything yet, because i not sure how to start.
I want to make a script where i can read the angels from center window or door, to it hit an object. And it shall be measuring from the center, both horisontal and vertical. I think something with a plane, but then i’m lost. Hope you people have som ideas. :slight_smile:


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That worked, with center point. :+1:

Okay :slight_smile:

If we make a plane in the Z-vector from that point, what angle do you want?
If we make a line on that plane it will allways intersect with the Window

Also try Element.GetLocation on the Windows and it will return a point (The insertion point in Revit) :slight_smile:

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Line.Direction will give you a vector along a line… might be useful…

I want to find the angle X and Y from the picture. I’m just not sure on how, but i will try all your suggestions tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I preferred it when you were looking for angels :slight_smile:

This kind of direction might help? Dynamo - Push room name data to ceiling components


Hi :slight_smile:
Have you ever solved this script? I’m trying to make something similar and struggle at the part of getting the angles… I’m trying using ray-tracing to do that