Get and set type parameter: lists to lists in lists

I have a question about getting and setting parameters values.

I have walls on which I have succesfully generated a detail item if this wall has an opening (as described in other post). Now I would like to set the Type Mark parameter of these walls to these detail items.
However, the lists for the walls and detail items are of unequal length, as multiple detail items can be on one single wall. Also, as you can see, the detail item is a list of lists in contrast to the wall list.

I am still learning about working with lists, in this case I wonder how I should manipulate the wall list in such a way that I can get and set the type parameter properly. I see three challenges:

  • What if (e.g. at index 0) the ‘W26’ is written to the empty list? Will this be a problem?
  • How to solve the list of list versus list problem?
  • How to set one type mark value to multiple items on the other list? (e.g. at item 9: ‘W04’ has to be set to item 9.0 AND 9.1 of the other list.

I hope my intention is clear, looking forward to your suggestions again!



Organizing lists of different length the proper way

Hi Rene, Here is a proposition to match your lists of data in order to get where you want

Thanks Mostafa, that worked perfectly :slight_smile: