Get and filter data by type

Hi, guys, I found that there are many experts in the forum discussing extensive and profound python functions, but here I just have a simple question about data type subject.
How to get this “41.95” from the data source ?

Because the parameter in revit model didn’t set to “number”, instead, it is “instance”. So when I write number data into those parameter, it was not saved as “number”.

Now I get trouble to retrieve my data. The object with my data, it shows “system double”; the object without my data, it shows “system string”.
I’ve tried to use “List.IsEmpty”, “Object.IsNull”, “String.ToNumber”, they are not working. And I think there is not a component named “List.IsSystemDouble” :smile:

Advises are appreciated !

Current solution, I use a tricky way.
Calculate the string length.

@Congzheng You can use either of these 3 options to make it more simpler.
Option-1 is OOTB while the other 2 options would require the package designtech to be installed.

You can also convert the object type to a string and compare that.