Get all Structural Model categories in model

Is there a way that I can get all elements in Structural Model Categories without having to create nodes for each individual one?

Yes there is, and for the next time: please do show us what you already have!


  • I want all elements of all the structural categories.
    – How do I select all of those at once? Q: what do they have in common?
    – A: those categories start with (or contain) the word “Structural”
  • So I could select all elements, (“All Elements in Active View” for example)
  • ask which category they belong to (Element.GetCategory)
  • ask which category contains the word Strucutral (String.Contains)
  • remove from the selecting those which don’t belong to any non-structural category (List.FilterByBoolMask)

IN = all your Structural Categories
OUT = all the other categories