Get All Parameters from Elements


i am trying to create a element parameters list by [Revit.Elements.Element.Query] node and try to write in to the excel file.

But this node output the parameter name and the value merge on single string list.

any custom node or idea?


Hi Wy,

maybe you should try this:







You could try to use string manipulations as they have all the same separator :

These string operations can be don inside dynamo or in Excel.

In order to get a complete list of parameters just do this:


Thanks Andreas

that works perfect on single elements,

however i was try to work on all elements of categories,

with your idea i can still collect all information but not very efficiency.

I was thinking about group the same name of each parameter and reorder each to GetParameterValueByName

Any idea?


1-29-2015 10-40-42 AM

If the elements are of the same category, and therefore have the same parameters, you could extract the parameters of the first, apply them to all the elements with “Element.GetParameterValueByName” ( be sure to set the lacing to cross prod.) and then transpose the result with “List.Transpose” to sort them together. Would that work for you?



thank Dimitar

i found the way that work pretty good right now

1-29-2015 1-13-40 PM

Hi everybody.

Can somebody help me. I try to make list of elements on each level.

2015-08-10 11-49-00 Скриншот экрана






Problem is that there is no any of DuctCurves

I made list of attributes for DuctCurves and there is no Level attribute. Is that a limitation of Dynamo or what?

2015-08-10 11-50-56 Скриншот экрана






Thank you.


how to see the enlarged image