Get all Elements of FamilyType by Name

Hi, i try to get all Elements of a FamilyType by Name.
I have the familyType in a string and than i try to select the Element with the sting.
But its not working…

The error says: The document does not have a FamilySymbol with the given name MW 24.0 WD 12.0.
But its the same revit project i use…
Any idea whats wrong?

after filter elements by name

Hi @Fiesta

Use “WallType.ByName” node.

I have the familyType in a string

if familyType in a string - its unique value then you can use it:

Thank you for your help.
I forgot to explain why i need to get the family typ by string.
Its because i write familytypes (of walls, doors,…,windows for example) in a excel file and now with a new script i try to get the elements by familytypesName.

For example

excel(wall typ name:“concret wall 20cm”)->to dynamo -> select all walls of familytyp with name “concret wall 20cm”
So i cant use “WallType.ByName” thats too specific
and also i can’t use this

sorry! any other ideas?