Get aligned distance between two points

Hi all

I Just wanted to get aligned distance between two points as marked in the snip. Please let me know how to do that.

Thanks in advance !

Can you find the angle between two parallel lines from X or Y axis. ?
I have done the distance between two points aligned with towards X axis or Y axis. and if you wanted to calculated and some angel X then that angel need to be known directly or indirectly.

Hi @honeyjain619 Please find the angle below as marked

angle between two lines

Hello @shashank.baganeACM ,

I have taken a test case by assuming 2 points and distance between two along X axis = 15 and along y axis = 15 but i wanted to calculate the distance between 2 points at some angle, in below example i have taken 10 degree from X axis and wanted to know the distance between 2 points.

Hope this will resolve you problem.