Geometry Intersect results come out as "line" but not "solid"

Greeting. I encounter a issue when I am making Geometry Intersect task between Wall and MEP element.

As the picture shown above, I expect all outcome of the Geometry Intersect is "Solid’, however some of the results come out as “line”.

This is the first time I met this kind of weird thing. Does anyone know what the reason is and how to fix it. Thank you


You can avoid by using Remove.IfNot node after Geometry.Intersect node to remove Line intersecting objects.

Good Luck!

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Hi…you could try element.solid instead of element.geometry

I can’t seem to replicate the line output, even with duct/pipe placeholder elements. Can you show the upstream previews related to that intersect?

I suppose I should ask: is the intersected MEP element a pipe/duct or is it an accessory/fitting/equipment with line-based components?

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The Geometry includes Pipe, Duct, Cable Tray and Wall these 4 Category, but not includes fittings

Actually my meaning of “how to avoid” is to ensure all geometry changes to “solid”. If I use Remove.IfNot, some intersect case maybe missed.

What is the resulting intersection when a round duct is placed directly on the wall and run parallel to the wall?

Ah, there we go.

In the case where the pipe is aligned to the wall surface, a line intersect gets produced.
In all other parallel instances of geometry overlap (same size pipe as wall, smaller pipe, bigger pipe), a solid is produced.

Edit: And for a duct in contact you’ll generate the four lines that define the edges of the contact.

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