Geometry in Revit Project File - "Select Edge" as Basis for Geometry

I am trying to create a “Curtain System” by face based on a Dynamo geometry. So far I always used a “Conceptual Mass” and the “ImportInstance.ByGeometry” node, but this time I would like to use some existing edges in the Revit project file as the basis for my geometry.

Is there a way to still use the “ImportInstance.ByGeometry” node or should I try something different?
I also thought - as a kind of plan B - whether it would be possible to build a script that although it points to a “Conceptual Mass” family can “Select Edges” from the main Revit project file (load in background, select element by ID … but then how do I specify which edge I need?)

Note, the graph above obviously doesn’t work. The two elements used to select edges from are a roof and a floor slab (see image below). They do not align at all, meaning they have a different curvature, start and end point coordinates and distance to each other.

Any tips and suggestions welcome.
Thanks for your help.


You could use Springnodes FamilyInstance.ByGeometry to place a conceptual mass family in your project based on your surface geometry and then use Element.Faces to get the face and apply a Curtain System. Simplified example attached which uses two edges from a Revit model to define a lofted surface. I wasn’t sure from your question whether you were also enquiring about the edges in your example too which you say don’t work, but you’d need to provide a bit more information to enable comment

38901.dyn (26.3 KB)

Hope this helps,

@Thomas_Corrie thanks a lot for that quick and in-depth answer.
That worked brilliantly.

Defining the edges wasn’t a problem.

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