Geolocate dynomaps

Is there a way to geolocate the items you create in DynoMaps? when i import in the geometry its not coordinate correct.

If you set up your shared coordinates, it will be close, but not exactly right
I think the bottom line is that Revit is not a geospatially aware application- it doesn’t know about non-euclidean (XYZ) coordinate systems, reprojection between coordinate systems etc

It seems that Revit uses the ‘location’ for things like energy or sunlight analysis- where it does not need to be especially accurate. On my screenshot below, the blue buildings from Dynamap are close-ish- less than 1km from where they should be

The best method I’ve found is to use the Civil3D/Revit shared reference point tool
This works reasonably well if you are using geolocated CAD files etc


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