Generic Mass Adaptive Family parameters not accessible in Dynamo


I need to create a bridge superstructure using the BIM4Struc. Bridge design package.
The package has few customs nodes which take in the corridor points of bridge and bridge family type and creates a ridge by Lofting it. However, the few parameters which I used while creating the parametric family element is not accessible in Dynamo.
Please enlighten me about what mistake I am making.

While I imported the family by family type node and checked for the parameters. All the parameters are present. However, later in the code after the “Bridge section Profile placement node”, the parameters of Left lane width and Right Lane Width are not accessible.
Due to this, the later nodes of the code are giving null outputs.
Please help me resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.01 Bridge Superstructure Creation.dyn (87.9 KB)
Bridge super structure creation.rfa (688 KB)

It looks like the Parameters from the Family Types node are present because they are Type parameters, but the Profile Placement node is giving you instances where you would only get Instance Parameters. If they are Type parameters you will need to use a node to get the Type from Instance

I tried searching for node ‘Type from Instance’ and similar ones, but I am not able to find any such nodes. Can you please let me know, if its available in any package.

Or is there any way to solve this problem of accessing the parameters. In the example files I have attached, I am looking at setting the parameters for ’ Left Lane width’ and "Right Lane width’ for the instances which are coming from the ‘Profile placement node’.

Thank you

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Can you confirm they are instance parameters in the family and not type parameters?

I think it should be Instance parameters, because I have created a created a Metric mass 2D, and then loaded it into a Metric Generic adaptive family. Later, this family type is placed at various locations along the alignment of the bridge to be loft and form a solid.

I am not sure about it being Instance parameter.How do I check if its a Instance parameter or a type parameter ?


After I use the Element Type node, I am able to access the parameters, however, the element is changing its orientation because of which i am not able to loft and create a solid form. I am not sure why one of the instances is being rotated after introducing this node.

Am I making any mistake here??

it should have no effect on the geometry

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But any other reasons which you can think of, for it to have rotated?

Please help me out with this issue. My final objective is to create a solid by lofting these instances which are placed along the alignment.

Thank you…