Generative Design's Data.Remember node in Python?


Can we use Data.Remember in Python?
There must be some pointer to read Data1 or Data2 from different storages.
Thank in advance!

Simply put, you cannot.

The Data.Remember node needs a place to store the data which it contains in the Dynamo file, and the node contains a specific set of info to do just that. To see some how how the mechanics work you can place a remember node, put nothing in it, save the file, then store some data in it, and save the file as a new document. You can then compare the two files in a text editor to see what changes. The large string of random looking characters is the data which was stored in the node, utilizing a bas64 encoding method. You can decode that and do a few other bits to it and eventually I believe you get a JSON string, but converting that into Dynamo objects isn’t easy. You can utilize Python to do that decoding and object creation. By the time you’re done with all of this ytou’ll have spent 10x the effort of just using the node as is, and will need to modify that code on future releases of Dynamo.

Why not just run the wire to the Python node?