Generative Design for Busy People: Episode #2 Practical Examples

Looking for some practical examples to ‘get started’ with Dynamo? Well look no further!

On Wednesday, May 16th 11am est join Emily Bisaga Dunne, Alex Kaplan, Raquel Bascones Recio, and I for a webinar where we will cover the concepts needed to produce some useful graphs that can serve as the beginning of a library that will save significant time and transform the way you work!

Register with your work email here:

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Will it be available somewhere, as a recording, if I can’t attend?

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Absolutely! I’ll post the link in a few weeks when it’s been encoded, reviewed, edited (if needed) and hosted.


Didn’t even think what @slepagetrudeau suggested was an option :upside_down_face:.
Can I expect a new post on the forum when it has been uploaded?

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Yes, I’ll respond to this post. :slight_smile:


Episode #2 can be viewed here.

And incase you missed it Episode #1 can be viewed here.