GD - scroll bar on the filter (left and right not up and down)

I have a GD script. Problem is I have too many inputs and outputs to show on the bar at the bottom and there is no scroll!

Any idea how to overcome this. Or can someone tell me if there are plans to incorporate a scroll in future.

I’ve resized my window loads, silly width, but no extra parameters show. :frowning:

Too many? Ha! Have a look at this one from the AU session Alexandra Nelson and I gave last year:

It certainly isn’t ideal, but it can be made to work all the same.

I believe that the Generative Design team is looking at this - @nate.peters fyi just in case.

How come you can see all your options there?
It shows a max of 20 on mine.

By, ‘too many’ I mean, ‘more than 20’. This script has more than 20… But they’re not showing.

Ps. No one likes a show off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which version of GD are you using?

Whatever is OOTB in R21.

Make sure you are on the latest update - go to and get the latest GD from there. A computer restart may be required.

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Thanks, work PC so will have to ask IT. :expressionless:

Hopefully you’ll get a good turn around time. :slight_smile:

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Not until Monday I reckon :joy:

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