Gathering multiple groups of elements with same name


I think I am just hung up on lacing at this point but what I am attempting to accomplish is to gather all conduit elements using the mark parameter. I am filtering marks that start with 20 and then finding all unique marks. My next goal is to gather all elements of each unique mark and then (eventually) combine the lengths for a total run length. I am simply having issues getting a nested list of each group of marks. Anyone know where to go from here? Thanks in advance!

What are you getting and what were you expecting to get? Could you show the output from Element.GetParameterValueByName?

What you want is a list for each mark with all elements that have it?

I erased what I had after the List.UniqueItems because I think I was going down the wrong rabbit hole.

I want to take the results from List.UniqueItems and query all conduit (from the In of the List.FilterByBoolMask) that have matching Marks.
For each unique mark I am looking for a list of all conduit with that mark. In essence, I would like a list that has sublists of all conduit with each unique mark.


Is this helpful?




Yes, thank you!

I actually solved this using a different technique (shown below) but the forums went down for me so I couldn’t respond until just now.