G Code Node

Anyone using the Because We Dynamo G Code Node?

Where did you download the node from? I know they don’t update the package manager version very often. They update more on GitHub. (If you are having issues that is)

Yeah, I’m looking at GitHub. There’s a note on their page about adding a g-code node.

I’m new to Dynamo. Longtime REVIT & Rhino+Grasshopper user. I can’t figure out if it’s possible to load their newest “library” from GitHub or what… I’ve gotten their example files open from GitHub, which were super helpful!

I’ve got a working g-code generator in Grasshopper, I just don’t want to go recreating something in Dynamo that I don’t need to.

I’m an architect working in a firm that is attached to a prefabrication factory. We use a CNC router to cut rectangular holes out of drywall for junction boxes, etc… I would like to create a process that eliminates a step through CAM, especially for something as simple as writing g code to cut a series of rectangles…