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How can I change a recursive sum order using a code block?

Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to achieve? I don’t follow you question and your image. What is the logic in from the number you already have to the red numbers?

Is that what you’re trying to do?

Eu só quero criar um intervalo na soma recursiva. Do jeito que está, a soma está sendo: índice 0, índice 0 + índice1, índice0 + índice1 + índice2, índice0 + índice1 + índice2 + índice3 … mas eu quero colocar um intervalo parecido com: índice0, índice0 + índice2, índice0 + índice2 + índice4.

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I just want to create a range in the recursive sum. As it stands, the sum is being: index 0, index 0 + index1, index0 + index1 + index2, index0 + index1 + index2 + index3… but I want to put a range similar to: index0, index0 + index2, index0 + index2 + index4.

Which package does this node belong to?

@ronnalysonloiola is this what you meant? If yes, please mark it as a solution, if not we now have a better understanding of what you try to do, so everyone knows we have to keep helping.