FromRoom-ToRoom in the case of a room separator instead of a door

Hi, I’m trying to get the lists of fromroom-toroom in the case of room separators, I tried with the package “get to from room”, but with the element “room separator” I get an empty list.

Please show us your entire graph with list previews for all relevant nodes.

One idea:

Take the room separation lines and convert the Element IDs to strings.
Get the rooms boundaries and convert the Element IDs to strings.
Compare the list of IDs. if true get the name of the room at that location - it’s either your to or from. If false discard the room.

I say it’s either as the to/from function relies on the element having a to/from location point, and room separation lines don’t have this so they won’t report it.

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thank you, which node returns the id of separation lines? I use the node Room.Boundaries but it returns walls and floors, not “separation lines”.