Freezing / disabling / not running part of graph via dynamo player


I was wondering if it is possible to disregard and not run part of the graph via dynamo player.
For example, lets say we have a dynamo graph that creates Floor Plan Views and Reflected Ceiling Plan views from a list in Excel.
We can have all the inputs identified and use the Dynamo player to run the script once user picked all the inputs.
If for example we have a project that does not require any Reflected ceiling plan, can the part of the graph that creates RCPs be disabled?

Short answer: no. There are some things you can control with ScopeIf, but that’s generally for custom nodes and requires a standalone branch. Instead, you tend to have to deal with handling/preventing warnings and errors. For something like this, you’re probably better off just using python.

The easiest way to do simply pass the empty list or null result to create warnings which will process more or less instantaneously. If you want to do so while suppressing the warning you can create a custom node or otherwise define a function with a ‘run’ boolean, which can be configured to pass the null/warning state without surfacing the warning.

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