Fractals for pyramid

im trying to generate fractals like this object from thingiverse.

I already have a solid that is shaped like a pyramid. could i do an intersection/subtraction with a fractal generated in dynamo with this pyramid?

if not, what would be a better way to generate a fractal?

Yes. You could. I would start small and just build instead of subtracting. Got a start you can share?
Here is a pyramid file that I am using from thingiverse, thanks for the reply

I didn’t like the idea of using an STL so I created a start for you that uses design script instead. Now that you see how the repetition is performed, you’ll need to work out the recursion, but the process you’ll need to iterate is partially spelled out in the second code block. Look into the mathematical shapes thread for info on how to do this.
TesselatedPyramid.dyn (6.1 KB)

thanks for sharing that, so it should be possible to merge that tesselated pyramid with a solid pyramid via subtraction/intersection?

Yes it is possible to build the tessellated pyramid with that code. However I would only build up - subtraction is more time consuming and there is no advantage as the form can be generated from native parts and unioned (if you even need that). If you notice I posted not just a definition for a pyramid but also an illustration on how to build one ‘block’ of the overall assembly. You just have scale it up with some recusion to get the desired output. This is best performed with some Design script to define the scope based on how the previous code was worked out (or another way if you would prefer that).

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