For loop of an intersect all node - keeps returning null

Hi All,

Anyone have any idea what i’m doing wrong in the image attached?

Trying to create a loop of an intersect.all node to iterate through a list of lines.
The first node is a simple intersect all working. next is a node to code of it plus a few other lines. Third block is my attempt at creating it in a for loop. It keeps returning a null for the value of the intersect, trying with outputting to an array with no avail.

All nodes are using the same geometry and line list. is this just overwriting each entry in the geometry list or is it not running at all?

Any help would be great - thanks in advance!

@paul.flanagan Firstly, to see the output of the for loop, you’ll need to connect a watch node to the output port in line with [Imperative] in your code block. (In your case you still won’t get the desired output though)

However, there are multiple other issues with your code. Would be good if you could upload a sample file while also outlining your intent.