Floor Vertex elevation change from spreadsheet


I have created Road from floor, they have slopes across, and along the length, many times I need to change the slopes along the length due to design change. There are several vertices in this road, manually editing is a painful task.

So the Task is,
Create Floor Vertices list with elevation value,
Export that into text/Spreadsheet
Change elevations as required in Text/Spreadsheet
Connect this spreadsheet to program
replace Elevation from file

Hope this is possible?


Welcome to the Dynamo community @samirdesh100

This workflow below only provides a direction. You’ll need a way to sort the elevations in your spreadsheet to correspond with the correct points.
Would have been better if you’d provided files to work with (Revit, csv/excel and your Dynamo attempt)

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Finally, successful in Exporting and Importing floor points, Attached program, and excel file.

This program can change floor vertices elevations.

A humble contribution to Dynamo Family

Floor Points-1.xlsx (10.2 KB) Floor-Elevation.dyn (22.6 KB)