Floor not located in the right height

Hello guys, when I run my script in dynamo all the floors are situated in the reference level omitting the height offset from level. So, all floors are overlapping. Any ideas? Thanks!

Post your graph.
My guess is you’ve got the lacing wrong.

Thanks a lot Alien for your answer!

Here you are my graph. As you can see there are three floors. Two of them are in the level 1 and level 2 with height offset from level 0.000 and the another one is in the level 1 with height offset from level 1.5000. In dynamo’s board I only can see two floors because there are two overlapped in level 1 with height offset from level 0.000.

If you need something more, let me know please…

The sketch curves are always drawn on the sketch plane, as such if you query those they will be at the level, not at the offset height.

Adjust the resulting surface by moving it on the Z axis by the height offset from level, or go about querying the face directly (Element.Faces > Filter by orientation). This will have the added benefit of collecting the other geometry modifications (ie: shaft openings) as well.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I just tried it and works perfectly!

Great to hear! :slight_smile:

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