Flip flopped - parameter inputs

So… a client I have had a intern manually input to and from parameters on some conduit runs for a data center. This means there are thousands of runs this young gun may have filled out incorrectly. This client has had hesitations to use dynamo and i explained this would have been an excellent exercise for dynamo in the first place. However dynamo can save the day. I was wondering if any one has had to flip parameter inputs around yet I am just starting out but seem to have trouble sorting these out. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure with enough time i could get it but this is under a deadline crunch and i feel Dynamo could be the hero, unfortunately i am not a whiz at this just yet and tend to stumble around at first.

Thanks all in advance,

So like:

1000’s of elements have a value stored in “model” while the should be in “description”?

so the 1000 conduit runs have the parameters origin and destination. The intern had flipped them and put the value for the origin in the destination and vice versa. All the data is filled out in these paramters and are not smart but a manual input. Does that help answer you question, my apologies if im unclear.

origin and destination?

Doable for sure!

Get.Parameter.ByName > Set Parameter by Name

sorry g2g, have a train to catch!

Awesome tank you sir for all your help!!

I finally figured it out with enough stumbling!!