"Find & Replace" parameter values


This problem may be very simple to most of you. I appreciate your help in advance. I am looking for a way to replace values of an instance parameter of a particular family, on all instances placed in all views. “42” -> abc, or “U6” -> 123. I managed to get the list of elements and list of values of this parameter, but I can’t seem to set new values. Can anyone show me the simplest way of doing this?

Thank you, Andy


Search on this forum can be better, but it still throws up relevant results…



Hi Vikram,

Thank you for the reply. I have came across both topics actually. But they do not talk about replacing parameter WITH certain values ONLY to some other value. If you could share some node these examples are missing, it would be great.



Something like this, I suppose.



Ok thanks! Will try–seems more complicated nodes are required than I thought.