Find "New Construction" in my model categories

Hello folks,
I’m completely new to Dynamo so sorry for the novice question. I do mostly large remodel projects where I need to find new walls/door/windows etc., in my model to push into estimating. I do it now manually with schedules but am hoping to create a graph that can extract this info in one step. I’ve search examples in the forum and this one seems to get me to the list of new doors. How do I convert this back into the model elements so I can export the info to excel? I realize the logic is not right in the graph and I’ll edit after I learn more. Help much appreciated.New%20model%20elements

you can filter the elements you need according, for example, to the phase they were created (or demolished):


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Thanks, it’s working for now. Learning much!

You are welcome! Don’t forget to mark the topic as solved :wink: