Find levels within a given tolerance of analytical floor

So when you run the graph then you will also get the correct result?

the floor will follow the analytical floor and vice versa? :slight_smile:

test with preview on…

At least, that’s what I have in mind, but I never explored this into details. I remember having read something about this once, maybe on Jeremy Tammik blog, I will check if I can find it back…

The floor will follow the analytical floor and vice versa?

We shouldn’t be very far from that :slightly_smiling_face:

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but you where right, that the floors which was not analytical, should be removed from the list… otherwise would the list not match each other :slight_smile:

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For clarity, here is a very good thread about IDs (and unique IDs):
Especially, you will find this in post 2: "Ids are never reused. If an element is deleted, its Id will not be used for anything else."
Of course, it does not mean that IDs are created in a logical order, but I think that I came to this conclusion by looking at the list while creating elements. Any further information would naturally be welcome.

And I also forgot to mention that a new topic should probably be created for such a discussion… :slightly_smiling_face: