Find Instance from Dynamo in Revit

Here’s my idea… I have taken all the rectangular ducts in my project, divided the width by the length (width/length) to check if the aspect ratio is larger than 4. I have narrowed it down to the ducts that are larger than 4 for width/length. Is there a way to highlight these ducts in Revit so I know where they occur?

Click on the green element ID which shows up in a watch node. :slight_smile:


I do a bunch of listing and filtering throughout, how can I break up the list again at the end to get the green element IDs? They are grey in the list at the end after I do my calculations.

Also, is there an easy way to divide each instance 1 by instance 2 in each of the sublists? Ex. I want to divide 24/36, 24/36, 18/14 and so on to check if it is larger than 4, and create a list of the values which are greater than 4 from those. image

I initially just exported to excel and did my math in there, found the cases where it is greater than 4, and manually looked up the corresponding ID in Revit… but if i can get it all done in Dynamo that’d be way better!

I would need to see the full graph to help. Zoom in about the same as you did on that export and use the camera in the top right corner of the work space to create it.

Everything before this is just creating the list. So basically, instead of going to excel to do instance1/instance2 for each sublist, I’d like to do that in dynamo and discard any of the element IDs where instance1/instance2 > 4, and then be able to select the left over element IDs in a watch node at the end.

Thanks for the help, this is one of my first Dynamo scripts! (as you can probably tell…)

Well, the data before creating the list is likely what matters, but more or less there is no reason to go to excel at all. Get a list of all elements, get the relative values for instance one and instance two, divide the I1 value by the I2 value using a division node, and then use a > statement to test if the result is greater than four, then use the resulting Boolean to filter your actual elements - included values would be the ones you’d want to review, the excluded ones would be all set.

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You could also do something a little more sophisticated like automatically selecting those elements in Revit or isolating those elements in a 3D view.

Gotcha, that makes sense. Like I said I’m new to Dynamo but I understand the thought process. I’ve done some coding in the past, so I just need to get a little more familiar with the nodes and what they input/output. Thanks!

Once you get it down to the elements you want, how would you go about isolating them/automatically select them? This was my initial thought, but needed to get a little further in the process before addressing this. Thanks for the comment

Steam and Springs both have nodes for selecting (highlighting) objects in the model.
Archi-lab and Rhythm have nodes for isolating elements in a view.