Find ID of a match in a list

I’m trying to determine what level an item is on, and one that doesn’t have level as a property. Here, I have colelcted text elements and their Z values. I want to make a new list with the x,y coordinates and what level they are a best match. With the now deprecated IndexOf, I could do this. How do I do it in 0.7.5?

2-2-2015 4-51-27 PM

Oops… I figured it out. The search wasn’t showing me the proper node - due to user error. Here’s my solution:

2-3-2015 2-48-00 PM

Assuming you placed the text in a plan view you can obtain the OwnerView and then extract the level from the view. Both element.ownerView and element.Level are in the Clockwork package.