Find continuous beams

Hello everyone,
I was looking for a logic to build upon in Dynamo in order find out what beams in the model are continuous? Any suggestion as to what could be an approachable way?

If geometry of beam has more than 1 solid, it’s continuous.

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Use element.solids and then count the number of objects in each list. As was said if its higher than 1, its continuous.

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Thanks for the response guys.
I tried the geometry, but it’s a single solid.


I guess, element faces could be a differentiating factor, but they are so random (6 to 14)?

@theshysnail try with surfaces…

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Maybe try the topologic package - it triggers errors when trying to form a cell from a form that is not a single closed solid. You could use that to mask the original elements (error means it’s a beam with more than one solid).

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