Find a Value in a list to be part of other list, like a excel VLOOKUP

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I trying to make something like a VLOOKUP, i have a list of pipes with some informations like slope, name, diameter, start structure etc. And i have another list with catchments informations name, area and structure reference. I want to put in the first list the information of name and area of the catchments there are related with the reference strucutures. I apreciate if anyone can help.

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Can you attach an example drawing and dynamo file

Sorry, i new in the forum and not able to do uploads. :confused: if you want i posted in a link. WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I could not understand well
Can you attach a list of what you want?
Or an excel file inside it what you want?

amigo @saraiva.engenheiro IndexOf usually works, you can use == to evaluate if there are exact same value, but this one gives you a true or false an you have to use bool mask after, you have to put attention on the type of data that you try to compare!!

the number 1 in the image is a list of pipe with yours start and end structures showing informations like rim elavation sump elevation pipe diameter etc. the number 2 in the image is a list of catchments areas and structures that the cathments are related. I want to add the catchments and areas in the list 1 by looking your correspondence in the list two, using as reference the start structure. In resum i want to look for the start structure generated by the list 1 in the list 2. Finding the start structure that will be show the value of area and the catchment number, not finding, show zero or nothing. I make myself clear?

You can use the SetDifference and SetIntersection nodes to get the structures that are in both lists. From there you can get the area/catchment number and add them

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