Filtering Walls by Material Name with Python


I’m searching for a solution to filtering walls by material name. At first I’m trying to solve it with the classic nodes (pict. 1). The Problem is that some walls have more than one material and so the lists of bool values are bigger than the list of walls. Also a filter by bool mask is not working.
The new idea is to get the wall and the associated material (and material name) through a python code. Than I can filter by material name and get different sublists with wall elements.
I think the Skript is very simple, but my programming skills are not the best. :sob: You can see it in pict. 2.
TypeError: getset_descriptor is not callable
Can someone help me?? :cold_sweat:

I don’t think you necessarily need python for that. Try if this works for you:


Wow. It works. Amazing. Thank you very very much! :blush::smiley:

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