Filtering/Splitting parameter values

Hi. I am very new to Dynamo and have a probably very simple question.

All my families in the project are Generic Models category.
All instances have a parameter Called “Tag” which stores strings like these: AL-01 or NIR-09 or CL-23
I want to read all these values and write the integer part and “-” into another parameter called " Tag Abbreviation"
for example, in Tag abbreviation parameter I like to have: 01 or -09 or -23

I have made the first part of the dynamo network but still have problem in splitting /filtering the values.

I would appreciate your help

Like this?

With some modification to create something like this


I have the Tag values and I want to fill out the Tag Abbreviation values for all instances.

Hi @vhematiandehkordi,

You can use String.Remove to delete the first two characters.

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Thank you. this is very close to what I need.
The only problem is that sometimes there are more than 2 characters before the " - "
Is there any way to remove all the characters before the " - " no matter how many there are?

You can do it like this :

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Thank you so much. You are Awesome. Saved me a huge amount of time and frustration.

You’re welcome.
Please mark the post as a solution for similar researchs in the future.

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