Filter View Types by View Family Types

Hi All,

Apologies as I’m sure there’s probably a very simple fix for this but I just can’t get my head around this…

I’m pulling all the elevations in my project using Archilab nodes View Type and Views.GetByType. From this list of all elevations I only want to work on my interior elevations.

The way I envisage doing this is by collecting all View Types which contain the string ‘A9’ as all of my firm’s interior elevations view types contain the prefix ‘A9’ (see image 2). I’ve managed to do this with the lower workflow (see image 1).

Where I’m having difficulties is by filtering the list of All Elevations by the List of View Family Types Containing A9 to produce a final list of Interior Elevations

Can anybody please point me in the right direction with this query?

Apologies in advance for what I’m sure is a relatively basic query…still trying to come to grips with list manipulation…:expressionless:


Soooo after having failed at this 50 times I figured it out on my first attempt after posting here :man_facepalming:

Just in case anybody has a similar issue the workflow is shared below:


Hi @dynamo_den.
Did you know how to apply a view type when creating views.
Ie: Concrete Setout floor plan view type to a new floor plan.

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Hi @bradshales1,

I think the below is what you’re after.

Hope this helps…

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I was after setting the view family type…
Others got it working through this graph but I’m struggling.

All sorted.
Just plugged element name in instead of element.
It must be friday

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