Filter out elements (openings) that contain an "empty" name

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Hey Dynamo community,

I am trying to divide the walls of a model based on the location their are in.
Within the process I found the following problem and was not able to solve it on my own.

The vertical wall splitting works fine but when I want to create new wall openings for the new walls from the parent elements, some openings are displayed as shown in the picture:
"empty" + ID

I figured out that those openings cause my problems but I can’t find a way to filter them out. opening.Name for example returns the name Door-Opening_N, although it is shown as “empty” from Dynamo. Also all other parameters seem to be the same.
Is there a way to filter all elements with the syntax “empty” + ID?

I hope you understand my problem and can help me :slight_smile:


Usually this means the element was deleted during the transaction. That may be fine in your scenario but I thought you should know.

As for filtering it, you should be able to convert the element to a string and filter by the string value.

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