Filter element for Ray bounce to avoid self intersections

Iam running into this issue where my ray bounce rays get intersected and stopped by the element it self .
I would like to extent it out side the generic model to find the least distance to other elements inside the room.
is it possible to avoid a list of elements from stopping the rays…?

here is the snip of graph:

The easiest way to do that would be by hiding the element (or its category) in the 3d view used to perform the ray bounce


I have already tried this one ,but still the generic model stops the ray.


Most likely you haven’t refreshed the ray bounce node. This is what you get by default:

And after hiding the element, disconnecting the view, running the graph, connecting back the view and doing a last re-run, i get the below:

I got it to work…! but works weird when the elevation of the origin is at 0 ,its perfect when origin is elevated a bit.

image b4 hiding the model:

when the model is hidden

when the origin is elevated by 100 (less than the height of model though)