Filter Conduits with Fittings from Conduits without Fittings

Hi, I would like to know how can I differentiate this two system families “Conduit with fittings” from “Conduit without fittings”.
I tried getparametervaluebyname with family parameter, but it get the type was output.
For now I am using string.contains “Flex” with the type name, but I fear someone may create a type family without Flex in its name.

Do you mean separe “Conduits” from “Conduits Fittings?”

No, I mean separe the two system families “Conduit with fittings” from “Conduit without fittings”.

Ok, this should work :wink:

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Thank you. That will work.
Do you think with strings it’s the only way?

You are reading a parameter value which is a string. You could use types but strings seem useful…or not?


This is what I was looking for, I was reading the parameter “Family” directly from the element and like @lucamanzoni posted, it show the system name, but when you get the value by getparametervalyebyname it writes the element type name. I didn’t toght I could go futher in that and get the family name of the type.

Thank you.
I didn’t mean to ofend the strings, I love then. xD

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