Fill element parameters with elements of a list if key coresponds

I’m trying to find a way to compare the key parameter of each element of a family with the key element of a sublist and if they match, to change some parameters of the element with the elements of sublist.
To compare the name of MARK of each element of the family with the first element of a sublist and replace/fill the COMMENTS parameter with the third element of that sublist. (I hope this simplified explanation is clearer)

When transformed into a list, the family looks like this
The list I’m trying to compare it with looks like this
<I’ll try to put picture in a comment>
and, in this case, I need to check element0 of each member of the family with the element0 of each sublist (SC#01.1 and SC#01.2) and replace parameters of the element called SC#01.1 and for element called SC#01.2 with data from places 2, 4 and 5 of the sublist that has SC#01.1 (or SC#01.2) as element0
If I list again the elements of the family, it should look like this
<I’ll try to put picture in a comment>

I have tried a couple things with Python/DesignScript/Dynamo-nodes but the double loop with a condition and filling the parameters is too complicated for my knowledge. Searching the internet didn’t helped.

If you can help me with some directions, it would me much appreciated.
Thank you


Third picture