Fetch walls in a list by a list of points


I need to copy parameter values from walls in a linked model to walls on matching location in my model. So I created coordinate systems to compare midpoints of the walls from the link to mine, and ended with a list of the closest coordinate systems to each of my walls. How can I do the way back now? Fetch walls in the linked model that match mine from the list of the closest midpoints to write the parameters.

maybe this helps

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Sorry, but no… I can’t figure what is missing for some nodes to work on Dynamo 2.x.

Archilab and Datashapes packages should contain those nodes.

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Thank you Jacob. I believe I already have Archilab installed. Datashapes I could not find for download.

I believe there are 2 different Archilab installs. One for 1.x and one for 2.x. I believe the “-” is the difference between them. Also, search for Data-shapes as it has a hyphen in it as well. You may also have to replace the nodes as they may quite old is being used from a post in 2016 and may be depreciated from a previous package.


Thank you Sean. I found Data-shapes. Archi-lab still missing.

Have you tried to search your current nodes for the same node or similar nodes? I have had to do that before and find replacements. But you have to actually replace the node manually.

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Great ideia, the node was updated. Even the output order changed. I’ll try to run the graph later, although I’m not very sure it will do what I was trying to accomplish.

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Hi guys

Well, the graph overrides the color of my walls, but only because it understand them as new elements, and I already know that. There are fewer than the linked model, and in slightly different locations as well.

I guess I was starting the right approach in the first topic. I just need a ideia to make the way back from closest coordinate systems to walls.

Are the walls in the EXACT (length and midpoint) same location or just close? If they are, you could get the location line and compare those or the start, end, and mid point to verify. Just not sure on your precision requirements.

Thank you for replying, Sean.

I’ll give you some context: the original building model has “conceptual” curtain walls. I was hired to model these curtain walls precisely as they will be mounted. As a result, I have fewer walls (because the orinal has little segments instead of long spans), and slightly different starts, ends, midpoints, etc…

At some point of the development, I was asked to number my walls, which I did using OOTB parameter mark. Later the architect numbered his correspondent walls using a different logic, in his own shared parameters. Now I’m afraid it resulted in different numbering, and the graph is an attempt to fix it.

To work around the location differences, I thought I could create points in each wall midpoint, then test which is closest to the other, then make the way back to get the parameters from the original architect’s walls and set them in mine.

In the beginig I tried to use ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ|Elements.GetIntersectingElementsOfCategoryLinkOption, but turns that all walls intersect each othe at some point, so I found too difficult to filter what I actually needed.

Maybe if I could compare vectors, then I could know the right wall to fetch the values. But I have no idea to extract Level 2 of ʳʰʸᵗʰᵐ|Elements.GetIntersectingElementsOfCategoryLinkOption to a separate list.

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